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Be Healthy LifePharm believes that good health begins with supporting your DNA with the proper nutrients. Our products contain egg bioactive growth factors that are scientifically shown to target cellular health in your body, starting at the DNA level. PRODUCTS: Nutritions and Skincare EGG BIOFACTORS LAMININE OMEGA+++ DIGESTIVE+++ IMMUNE+++ REFIVE LAMIDERM APEX OMNIA SKIN CELL REGENERATION BEAUTY PACK A Nutritional Powerhouse For Longevity Laminine lays the foundation for healthy aging and works synergistically with OMEGA+++, DIGESTIVE+++, and IMMUNE+++. Make LifePharm nutritionals a part of your daily lifestyle, for total body health and a better quality of life. For more information, please visit I am an Independent Distributor for LifePharm. I accept Qoin payments as a distributor, once you selected the products you like to order, please call Eun Ju on 0413730367 to finalise your order payment by Qoin. I will then order the product and organise delivery for you (plus postage). Please kindly note that English is my second language.

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